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CPG offers a wide range of products with a varying range of applications.  We set a high standard for everything we do, especially when it comes to making sure our customers have the right product specific to their application. From polyethylene to burlap bags, stretch wrap to void fill, we’ve got you covered. Check out our product PDFs for more details or email us at with any questions!

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Our Capabilities

If you’re tired of long lead times typical of overseas production or the high minimum order amounts common with custom packaging products, then you have found the right place.  Made right here in the USA with short lead times and low minimums, you can rest easy knowing your product will get to you quickly without sacrificing quality.


We don’t use a one size fits all approach, so you can be sure we are committed to matching the product you are currently using or finding a product that will work even better.  Our sales and design teams partner with you to ensure they understand your product application.  If you’d rather, bring your sample in and we’ll step through the process with you.  Either way, we’ll make sure you get the product that fits your application.


Do you have a custom project in mind? We will work with you to design everything from custom bag dimensions to professionally rendered artwork.  From napkin sketches to 3D renderings, we’ve seen just about everything.


Our resins are prime FDA virgin grade. Our high quality films consistently perform to your high quality standards.  Our production facility inventories numerous premium resins with unlimited blending possibilities to achieve the most desirable properties for your application.


Resins: Properties:
Low Density Bundle Shrink
EVAs Non-Slip
Linear Low Density Various Slip Levels
Metallocene Additives
Hexene Colors
Octene UVI


We have eight extrusion lines working around the clock.  Here are just a few extruded product features we offer:

All film constructions available
Tubing, gusset, single-wound, m-film, u-film, j-film, double-wound
Shrink, skin, bundle-wrap, and form fill and seal applications
Tints, colors, anti-stat, ultraviolet inhibitors and absorbers
Film widths 1 to 60 inches
One color random in-line print
Various type venting and location
Bag, sheet and sleeve on roll

We specialize in narrow width tubing and narrow width bag on roll. They are seamless, therefore assuring no side seam failure


Once your film, sheeting, or tubing has been extruded, why not add a custom design?  With up to 6 colors, our printing process can make a product stand out among the competition.  Here is just a brief summary of our printing capabilities:

Printing capabilities of 49 inch web widths and 47 inch print widths
Registered repeat 30 maximum
Random repeat
6 color spot and screens
Front and back combinations for bottom seal bags or roll stock
Bar code scanning checked and documented


From simple and plain to highly complex and custom printed, our bag conversion process makes a consistent and reliable product for your application.  Here are just a few features we offer:

All types of constructions available
Bottom seal and sideweld
Resealable and permanent tape closure
Header (reinforced and blind)
Staple pack
Handle hole
Bottom gusset
Side gusset
Back or front flip
Door knob


Our customers often need further customization and bring specific slitting requirements.  With web widths ranging from 1 to 60 inches and slitting capabilities from 1 to 10 mils, we can perform almost any slitting function you might need.

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Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Columbia Packaging Group has specialized in a variety of bags and packaging solutions & supplies for over sixty years. With an emphasis on product excellence, technology, and innovation, we continue to provide our customers with high quality products, inventory management, distribution, and value-added services.

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