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Columbia Packaging Group understands the importance of impeccable services. We offer warehouse & inventory management, customer specific inventory programs to meet your specific needs,  and an analysis of commodities specific to your request.

Perfecting programs with value-added services

Customer satisfaction

For over 60 years, we’ve been perfecting our warehousing and inventory management programs. CPG understands the importance of impeccable customer service, and strives to provide you with the best in inventory control, support, and satisfaction.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Your space is a precious commodity.  When you have moved beyond smaller quantity orders and are ready for your first bulk order, you might realize that you just don’t have the space to store packaging supplies and bags.

Our customized stocking programs and warehousing allow for your large volume products to be distributed on an as needed basis.  We have invested heavily in warehouse capabilities that will ease your storage concerns and allow you to stick to just-in-time, lean ordering habits while taking advantage of bulk price discounts.  Talk to a member of our sales team today about our warehousing and inventory management programs, capabilities we’ve been perfecting for over 60 years.

Customer Specific Inventory Programs

Columbia Packaging Group understands the importance of customer service and we are dedicated to the specific needs of each customer.  Our value-added Customer Specific Inventory Program (CSIP) provides you with the best in inventory control, support, and satisfaction.

Five Benefits of the Customer Specific Inventory Program

  1. CPG provides their commitment to stock the required product (bags, packaging supplies, et al) and the customer gives their commitment to CPG through the CSIP.
  2. CPG assists with a product review to confirm the customer product SKUs and corresponding stocking “sweet spot” (i.e. the customer’s commonly purchased bags and packaging supply needs). The typical order quantity and annual usage are also confirmed.
  3. Customer stocking requests are added to CPG’s normal stocking quantities and become available for the specific customer to order.
  4. The customer will agree on minimum/maximum inventory levels for required items, and CPG will assume the responsibility of maintaining inventory at these prescribed levels. Customers have the assurance of knowing their products will be available when needed.
  5. Products can be added and removed as needed. Regularly reviewing upcoming packaging requirements with CPG will ensure the Customer Specific Inventory Program’s success.

Commodity Analysis

We know price is important.  Knowing the markets is key to your decision making.

Upon request, Columbia Packaging Group will provide you monthly, quarterly, or annual market analysis of the commodities we work with.

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